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Why Eyo-alliance

Major national-sized suppliers are able to control and manage their overseas manufacturing and product procurement thanks to extensive financing, considerable manpower, and the fact their annual orders often account for a considerable portion of a single manufacturers typical yearly production output.

This hurts smaller companies in two ways. First, it means that the needs and desires of large-scale supplier/retailers will almost always be put ahead of a smaller account by the manufacturer since the annual profit coming from the larger customer is far greater. Secondly, the smaller company will have considerably less leverage when it comes to negotiating prices and delivery times because their annual revenue is not considered overly significant.

To combat these factors, EYO-Alliance represents many smaller non-competing companies collectively, and as a result your order instantly becomes part of a much larger whole and thus much more important to your producer because the EYO-Alliance can work together as a cooperative unit.

An added benefit to Alliance Membership come from being part of an established and experienced sourcing organization. As soon as you start doing business as part of the Alliance your company will have access to the expertise and local knowledge that can be the difference between success and failure.

As a Member of the EYO-ALLIANCE, we will help your company to establish:

  • Contracts with sole provider agents for your needed products with no interim or broker involved
  • Create your own brand and provide an established network of suppliers
  • Assist you with local certification if needed or required
  • Help you obtain the best price and terms of payment through up front negotiation as part of the Alliance

To help you understand the value of Membership, consider these two situations and how they may affect your manufacturing or sourcing opportunities.

First, major nationwide-sized suppliers typically make up a significant portion of the annual revenue of a single supplier by themselves. This is great for a major company, but puts smaller companies at a huge disadvantage because it means the the smaller company's needs are usually put behind the larger since the potential long-term profit is less. As a result, the smaller company suffers in terms of both reliable product deliverability and pricing against their much larger competitor. The Alliance levels the playing field by leveraging many small to medium-sized companies needs collectively, thus making our Member's needs a much more substantial portion of the producer or manufacturer's potential annual revenue.

Secondly, the number of manufacturers and suppliers for almost any industry is typically huge. As an example, there are approximately 2,000 providers of Solar Panels worldwide. Among them the product development procedures, data accuracy, build quality, and price all vary widely. Sorting through the list of potential providers is a time consuming task, with little chance of success on the first attempt. As an EYO-Alliance Member, your company will have our experience and network of existing suppliers and service providers at your disposal and we can assist you with any help needed to find, liaise, negotiate, implement contracts, and even ship your products to their destination to ensure your project is a success.

For more details and to find out if your company qualifies, contact us.

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