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With Membership Comes Support

Your business needs people looking after it where ever it is operating, the same is true for your products. Developing and manufacturing products and components overseas can be a very risky proposition, with the possibility of huge financial losses due to even minor mistakes or hold-ups. In many places where manufacturing takes place the attitude and ethics of the project manager responsible for your order can mean the difference between success and failure.

The EYO Alliances eliminates these variables by having employees, agents, and specialists on the ground who represent you, the Alliance member, and ensure that your products, systems, components, and orders are well-made, complete, and as anticipated before shipment and finalization of payment terms.

Because the EYO Alliance does not have any vested interests in any manufacturing, design, development, or logistics companies anywhere in the world, we are able to offer completely unbiased recommendations and have the freedom to utilize any factory, shipping agent, or other vendor that will best fit our Member's needs. This means that no source which does not measure up to the high standards set by the EYO Alliance will be able to continue doing business with us and this serves as excellent insurance against losing their full attention and commitment toward our Member's needs.

Membership Means Security

Being part of the Alliance means you are connected to a vetted and proven network of some of the best suppliers in the industry. An equally important benefit comes from the great savings you will see by getting the best possible price for your needed products and freight.

When selecting manufacturers, vendors, and shipping agents, the EYO Alliance looks at the ultimate end result. We only use suppliers that will provide what your company needs, when it needs it, and our agents make sure that it gets done on time and arrives safely, because what is bad for one member of the Alliance is bad for us all.

Membership Means Connections

Entering a new international business marketplace is not easy. It entails legal requirements, oftentimes including company registry, tax requirements, and sometimes even financial investment. Other aspects that can be even more difficult to understand and contend with come from language barriers, communication gaps due to time-zone differences, and even the local business culture where your product is being manufactured, sourced, or fitted.

The EYO Alliance has a host of locally based international employees, representatives, and agents with experience in sourcing, quality assurance, and logistics to make the transaction seamless and provide invaluable connections to your international business interests. Furthermore, because you instantly have connections where you will be doing business your company will bypass the slow and frustrating period of setting up and establishing itself and go straight to getting the job done.

Members of the Alliance provides a local presence. through our representatives, and we can arrange anything you need where you are doing business, from manufacturing needs down to hotel reservations and ground transportation.

To ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page and understands the plan, at each “Project Kick-Off Meeting” all involved EYO-Alliance personnel will be present, including our specialists so that no information is missed and the process goes smoothly.

The Benefits of EYO-Alliance Membership:

  • An experienced guide to help your company through its strategic investments, with experts available to assist with negotiation, contracts, product quality inspections, shipping and logistics.
  • Increased profits thanks to reducing overhead and lower product pricing.
  • A presorted list of potential manufactures or providers to fulfill your needs, cutting out wasted time searching for a qualified and capable vendor.
  • Cost reduction as a result of experienced specialist and experts caring for your needs overseas and insuring your company's interests are protected.
  • Reduced risk due to elimination of sub-quality products, missed deadlines, incomplete shipments, etc.

A permanent technological watchman on the ground where your production or manufacturing is taking place.

The EYO-Alliance has a progressive, flexible model that follows your development and activity. For more details on our propriety system contact us.

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