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Whether our members are tenured in their industry or just entering the sector with a new type of product, the EYO Alliance is able to assist our members though every step of the process.

We are experts in the field of product procurement, sourcing, manufacturing, assembling and logistics. In addition, the Alliance is able to monitor product quality control through all phases of manufacturing to increase our member's efficiency, productivity, and profit by ensuring the most competitive pricing along with binding contracts and legal representation, to keep the project moving forward at the agreed-upon timetable and budget.

The EYO Alliance accomplishes this by leveraging all of the buying power of numerous non-competing members to securely purchase or produce deliverables in China for the most profitable outcome.

Sourcing – Procurement – Supply Chain Management

Choosing to source products, parts, assemblies, or systems in countries such as China is a logical choice thanks to typically huge savings that can be had over sourcing locally or from many other more costly locations. The risks however have made it a difficult venture for many companies due to the challenges that are inherent with doing business overseas.

The EYO Alliance has extensive experience to assist its members every step of the way with proposals, payment terms, warranties, exclusivity agreements, spare parts-guarantees, distribution, logistics, packaging and even provides local representation. The Alliance also assists our members while visiting China to make sure your trip is effective and worthwhile by managing all your needs in the country, including reservations, accommodations, travel assistance, translation, and negotiation arrangements.

As part of the Alliance, our non-competing members ally together to use our cumulative buying power to our advantage. This means that suppliers have no choice but to be much more competitive and accommodating to get the business of our Alliance members, since your purchase now represents a much larger portion of any supplier's total annual revenue. The Alliance also helps with quality control, freight and logistics providing specialists in China to deal with all issues personally, in real time.

Case Study

One member of the EYO Alliance, a national distributor of products, benefited from Alliance membership when placing a US$600,000 order for manufacture of their products. Because of the complexity of our member's order, and the need to limit secondary out-sourcing by manufactures to ensure quality and cost management, it was clear that more than one vendor would be required.

To assist our member, the Alliance accepted proposals from more than 400 manufacturing facilities in China. Then using our proprietary algorithm of requirements along with our extensive experience in the industry, we selected the 30 best potential candidates for further consideration. After an initial audit of those 30 companies we helped our member to chose eight manufacturers for further consideration.

These eight manufacturers all received a comprehensive audit including inspecting their factory, investigating each company's documentation, contract details, and history of real delivery times as well as product quality.

All of the final eight candidates demonstrated a solid ability to deliver on our member's needs. Therefore, to ensure the very best price possible, a speed-negotiation meeting was arranged where each of the eight competing manufacturers were invited to speak to our member for a half hour or less to negotiate their price and other details. Finally, counter bidding was allowed to help our member select the final four companies to fill their order based on their individual products, delivery dates, contract terms and final pricing. Afterward, the Alliance wrote binding contracts to ensure our member’s interests were fully protected.

Business Expansion

Growing and adapting your business, or expanding to provide new products and services can be difficult, frustrating and costly. Further, establishing a sourcing or manufacturing base in China can be one of the hardest tasks your business will ever face. Without the right knowledge and experience, setting up a supply network can absorb a huge amount of time with very little return.

Additionally, the EYO Alliance can screen and select potential business partners for our members to meet, interview, and negotiate with to provide introductions, arbitration, and finally create partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Case Study

One EYO Alliance member was facing a governmental regulatory change which would have major negative impact on their business. The Alliance was able to connect and mediate a business deal with another member to procure rights to offer the system in a new market and country. The deal was made and undisclosed benefits were agreed upon to help one of our members remain competitive in their country while also creating significant revenue for the other and ensuring no threat of competition in their existing market.

The Alliance managed the business dealings quickly and effectively, and then because all sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics were already in place, our member was able to begin offering three new products in just two months, a task that often takes a year or more, thanks to the connections, experience, and assistance available to them as part of the Alliance.

Factory And Business Touring Arrangements

The Alliance can make all arrangements needed for our members when coming to China for business to ensure that your trip goes smoothly and your time in the country is well spent. We are able to arrange any necessary reservations and scheduling, hotel accommodations, food and dining options, transportation, translation and interpretation services, factory tours, and strategic execution of negotiation meetings.

Thus, when you or your company's representatives arrive in China, you can remain completely focused on the business at hand, fully confident that regardless of the number of stops you need to make in various cities throughout the country or the region, all the other details have been handled in advance.

Efficient Packaging

While much emphasis is often put on making sure a product is designed, engineered, and manufactured to be affordable, reliable, safe and of high-quality, and rightly so, one area that often overlooked is the packaging that it is subsequently put it, whether for transit only or as part of the end-user consumable.

The EYO Alliance has extensive experience in shipping and packaging of products of all sizes, weights, materials, and shapes and we are frequently able to assist our members by making suggestions to their existing or planned packaging solutions to make them more appealing, efficient, stronger, more cost-effective, safer, more compact, and lighter. All of this works to ensure the product arrives in excellent condition while saving money in packaging and shipping costs, and is much easier on the environment thanks to a reduction in necessary packing materials.

Aside from inefficient packaging, another major problem can arise from not specifying the type or method of packaging required. In an effort to save time and money, some manufacturers use substandard packaging methods and materials which provide little or no protection in transit. Furthermore, poor engineering on the part of the loading agent can result in huge wastes in shipping costs due to partially empty and improperly filled cartons or containers be sent out at the receiver’s expense. This is also a major source of breakage, as items tend to shift and fall during transport.

The Alliance has specialists who can inspect your shipment prior to loading to ensure not only that it is complete, but that it is packaged and loaded to minimize wasted space and potential breakage which increases profits by reducing cost.

We are able to foresee the potential packaging problem, implement a solution, and coordinate with the vendor to ensure that it is adhered to, all of which greatly reduces our member's liability after the shipment has left its place of manufacture.

Case Study

One Alliance member greatly benefited from a packaging redesign as recommendation by our specialist. The member's original design was large and inefficient, wasting valuable container space, packaging materials, and shipping costs. The Alliance provided a seven page evaluation of our suggested improvements for our members review which outlined key areas that needed be changed and the benefits they would provide.

The Alliance helped our member reduce their total shipping cost by 40%. The packaging redesign allowed our member to fit more products into a single cargo container, roughly doubling the number of units from only 150 to about 300, that could be loaded in the same amount of space. This also reduces breakage since a tightly packed container has little room for shifting during transit.

The new design still ensured that their products were well protected, and thanks to the reduced material requirements were more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, and therefore more appealing to the consumer.

In addition to packing recommendations, the Alliance also provided warehouse management assistance. By controlling the warehousing of our members products while in China, we were able to ensure that all related products were shipped together to meet our members needs, thus the member never had to wait on part of an order to arrive while the other container full of products had been at its destination for an extended period of time. Additionally, because our specialist was able to control the way those products were palleted and loaded, this reduced breakage and ensured that all items were easily handled and unloaded at their destination, reducing handling fees.

Our warehouse management also saved money because it is much more cost effective to store and stage products and materials for extended periods of time in China rather than in their location as the warehouse space cost is much lower.


Since suppliers and logistics companies keep local business hours, it is smart to work when they work, but this is not convenient when our Alliance members are located several time zones away with their own daily tasks to attend to.

To make sure that days are not lost in communicating over several time zones about the transport of our member's shipments, EYO has specialists located in the local China timezone who can keep track of orders and arrange shipments in real-time, then relay this information on to our members so that the order is already on its way well before their working day has started.

Case Study

An Alliance member providing heating systems was having three separate manufacturers in China work together to complete their product orders, with a specialist coordinating and inspecting the quality of every product before it ships.

By having all products arrive at a central location before being loaded into containers, our specialist was able to stop any items from being sent to our member that were packaged incorrectly, damaged during ground transport, or of inferior quality. The specialist saw to it that all repairs, replacements, or repackaging were done before products were shipped, and at cost to the manufacturer.

Additionally, since our specialist was coordinating the multiple shipments that were planned, he was able to substitute other needed products in the same container, ensuring that all containers were fully loaded and efficiently packed to minimize breakage and that the space purchased was entirely utilized by our member.

Had our member not had this support, they would have received a large number of damaged or broken goods that were shipped in only partially filled containers and incorrectly packaged and loaded, with many parts missing. Our member's savings in both time and money was huge, since broken products are worthless and must be unloaded and disposed of at cost to the buyer and shipping mostly empty containers is a needless and wasteful expense.

Quality Control

Quality control starts before you select a supplier or manufacturer. With the first Request For Pricing, the Alliance team investigates all competing manufacturer's quality control procedures, past production history, and standards. Using this information, we next use our proprietary algorithm to hone in on the manufacturers or suppliers which can best meet the needs of our member. By eliminating any vendors which do not meet our standards, we then perform a preliminary audit of the shortlist of vendors who are likely candidates. With these findings, we then reduce the list further to only include the very best options for our use. These final contenders are then fully inspected, including factory visits and comparative analysis to determine their capability to complete the task. Our member is then able to select the supplier or manufacture of their choice from a list of well qualified vendors.

After the manufacturing begins, the Alliance will continue to monitor quality to ensure that all products are of expected standard through factory visits. Further, our specialists will personally inspect every shipment prior to loading to ensure quality.

In some cases, when a member experiences problems with the quality control, our specialists can even implement quality control training programs to assist a factory to improve their own abilities.

Case Study

One Alliance member experienced significant quality control problems with products that they were having manufactured. The member had excellent relations with their supplier in the past and wanted to continue doing business with them. To accommodate their needs, the Alliance initiated a 3 month quality control training program in-house to train some of the factory staff to perform their own daily quality control inspections, with our specialist creating, training and overseeing the creation of the team and processes.

The program was a great success, quality problems were eliminated, and the relationship with our member and their supplier were saved.

International Product Certification.

All International Product Certifications must be in the provider's name and not in the name of the supplier. The EYO Alliance is able to negotiate on behalf of our members with their supplier to legally provide the correct International Certification for our member.

Quick Proposal Database.

The EYO Alliance Quick Proposal Database contains thousands of suppliers and over 50 families of products. The Alliance provides our members accurate pricing from the best suppliers for their unique purchasing needs.

Legal Non-Compete Agreement With Supplier.

One EYO Alliance member had a verbal agreement with their supplier not to distribute their products in the members county themselves, nor to sell their product to any of their competitors. The Alliance team wrote a legally binding non-compete agreement for our member and executed the signature of said document with the supplier on the member's behalf. For more details and to find out if your company qualifies, contact us.

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