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The EYO-Alliance is able to provide our Members with exceptional assistance because we are able to offer specialized services not available elsewhere.

Our experts come from varied professional backgrounds including engineering, logistics and shipping, photovoltaic energy, LED design, aeronautics, and much more so the level of experience available through our staff members along with our understand of your company's specific needs is unmatched.

Additionally, your project will receive personalized attention, since our engineers and experts deal personally with your company's representative so there is never confusion on either part about the goal and details along the way.

Another benefit to EYO-Alliance Membership comes from being in demand. As part of the Alliance the best suppliers and manufacturers seek out new and repeat contracts with our Members and they understand what is required of them in terms of quality and delivery and that only the most competitive pricing is accepted.

When our Member needs a new contract for products, the EYO-Alliance will actuate the following on your company's behalf:

  1. A consultation with the Member followed by bid inquiries from multiple suppliers in your respective industry in our proprietary database.
  2. A report of our finding will be sent to our Member. This report is a snapshot view of the suppliers' bids and reflects the basic prices of items for each proposal received as well as any special conditions. This report can later be adjusted to reflect any changes that your company may require or request.
  3. At our Member's request, negotiation is made directly with the provider company that the Member chooses. If needed or preferred, contracts for various portions or phases of the project can be implemented with multiple vendors to ensure that the best price is procured and no unnecessary out-sourcing is taking place which results in added cost.

In the end, EYO-Alliance will have prepared all price quotes, negotiated with the vendor, supplier, or manufacturer, performed all follow-up correspondence to ensure quality is as expected, time-lines are kept on track, and packing, shipping, and logistics are complete.

For more details and to find out if your company qualifies, contact us. In appreciation of EYO-Alliance's efforts, one of our Members made this unsolicited testimonial:

“Through EYO-Alliance, I can fully concentrate on my marketing business in my country, EYO-Alliance is my EYES and EARS in the production area” – July 2011.

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