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About us

Gaëtan CAPOU, a French Aeronautical Engineer with 14 years of experience in Consulting and Engineering founded the EYO-Alliance to create a synergy of purchasing and manufacturing to support buyers and distributors in their business. Today our team is composed of international specialists and experts in the field of product procurement, sourcing, manufacturing, assembling and logistics.

Does Your Company Qualify?

The EYO Alliance only works with reliable, ethical, and organized companies looking to take part in international business for the good of all.

Because we only select non-competing companies to be members of the EYO Alliance, you are guaranteed that you will not be exposing your business to the potential for replicating a competitor's product or system and thus do not run the risk of losing your network advantage.

By being a part of the network, businesses increase their buying strength and industry presence by allying themselves against vendors and manufacturing agents to demand more competitive prices for products and services. As part of a larger whole your company now represents a much larger percentage of the vendor or manufacturer's annual revenue, thus making your businesses far more valuable to them.

Because your needs are of highest importance to your vendors and other agents, you get your products on time, to specification, and as expected because you have the support and future business of numerous other Alliance members on the line every time an order is placed. For more details on our propriety system contact us.

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