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The EYO-Alliance

The EYO-Alliance is made up of non-competing companies from numerous industries, all bound by a common need for affordable, efficient, and reliable manufacturing of their products and systems.

By pooling our collective interests, the EYO-Alliance is able to procure significantly better and faster service for sourcing of your companies necessary manufactured goods, supplies, and parts at significantly reduced prices when compared to purchasing them alone, since Alliance Membership means that every order you place with a supplier is part of a larger whole. Simply put, your company enjoys strength in numbers.

Furthermore, Alliance Membership comes with EYO's expertize in logistics, quality control management, understanding of overseas design, development, manufacturing methods and time-lines, access to our local legal representation and assistance with creating enforceable contractual agreements between your company and your vendor(s) which means you will always be protected.

EYO-Alliance is a group of international market participants benefiting from the synergy of global buying.

For renewable energy please also visit EYO-GREEN

Other Membership benefits:

  • EYO-Alliance helps our Members to be more prominent in their regional area.
  • EYO-Alliance does not buy or resell any products. The buyer stays in direct contact with their manufacturer.
  • EYO-Alliance never accepts any commission/advantage/retainer/etc. from any supplier. 100% of our remuneration is from Alliance Members. This proves our dedication to our Members, guarantees our Members a better price, and ensures EYO maintains total independence in our criteria of expertise and supplier and/or manufacturing selection.
  • New members are not direct competitors of any existing members. A review of several different criteria is made before any new company can be accepted as an EYO-Alliance member. For more details and to find out if your company qualifies, contact us.

Through strategic consulting, EYO-Alliance identifies, evaluates, and engages suppliers on behalf of our Members to reduce their costs and enhance their product procurement or offering.

EYO accomplishes this by:

  • Direct cost reduction through…
    •  Significant savings on purchases
    •  Industry research
    •  Costs analysis
    •  Quality control
    •  Assisting in contract negotiation
    •  Technology analysis
    •  Strategy consulting by independent experts
    •  Dispute resolution
    •  Local contact with suppliers
  • Indirect cost reductions through…
    •  Reallocation of personnel resources
    •  Improved efficiencies
    •  Improved product quality
    •  Better customer service
    •  Increased productivity
    •  Dispute resolution
    •  Local contact with suppliers

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