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Why Eyo-green

EYO-Green was created out of a clear need for support for companies in the important and expanding green energy field to fuel its growth while benefiting our environment by conserving our natural resources and saving money by reducing energy usage.

To help these companies succeed, EYO-Green offers our expertize in sourcing and procuring the products needed to create forward thinking and efficient low-energy systems for commercial and residential applications at lower prices while maintaining exceptional quality and deliverability.

EYO-Green helps your company become more successful by:

  • Reducing the risk of designing, developing, sourcing and/or buying needed components and systems overseas by helping Original Equipment Manufacturers ensure their products and design remain proprietary and that they are not sold to competitors after design completion in violation of project contracts.
  • Our engineers, specialists, and auditors make regular inspections to ensure that manufacturers are maintaining high quality standards and that all products are as expected and delivered on-time.
  • Transactions remain clear and transparent. EYO-Green receives all compensation from our clients, we never charge or accept any payment or commission from any manufacturers or their agents. Thus EYO-Green is always on the side of our client and all actions on our behalf are in your interest.
  • Because EYO-Green represents the buying power of many smaller companies in the green energy industry, we are able to take a considerable amount of potential buying power to any price negotiation. This puts your businesses in a much more desirable position when dealing with manufacturers and suppliers because their future business is at stake as well.

To date EYO-Green has clients in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia and is able to assist any company with their international contracts for green energy products.

EYO-Green Provides Support

Since manufacturing, developing, or buying products overseas can be a very risky proposition, it is good to know that you have the option of having an experienced professional to look after your needs and interests. EYO-Green does this by providing staff members who will serve as your eyes and ears in the country in real time, ensuring all production, packaging, shipping, and logistics are done to your contracted specifications and dealing directly with your company's local representative so that you always know what is going on and what to expect.

EYO-Green Provides Representation

EYO-Green is experienced in both the green energy and overseas production and procurement industries, as a result we are able to protect our clients by foreseeing potential problems before they occur and finding solutions to ensure that all projects are completed on-time and on budget. The value in our services comes from avoiding the problems that often occur due to unreliable production agents with poor quality standards, lax scheduling, and insufficient packaging and shipping methods which result in damaged, late and/or incomplete orders.

By assisting your company to select reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and shipping agents and then keeping a close eye on your project every step of the way we are able to save our clients time, money, and headaches.

EYO-Green is also able to help our clients develop new products and systems, and keep your designs from becoming available to every one of your competitors at the expense of your research and development by providing enforceable legal protection for your intellectual property.

EYO-Green Provides Connections

Staying competitive in the modern economy and changing to adapt to new regulations and improvements in technology in the green energy industry is no easy task. EYO-Green helps our clients by providing information for new and creative products that are able to make your company more profitable and efficient because we know the suppliers.

This means that your products or systems can come to market faster and start making your company money sooner.

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