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EYO-Green works exclusively with “green” energy companies in need of assistance procuring products, services, manufacturing, sourcing, or systems that are energy-efficient and feature low environmental impact elements.

EYO-Green helps your company by bringing in-depth knowledge of the green energy industry and our experience in assisting retailers and re-sellers of these related products and systems in finding, procuring, overseeing manufacturing and quality-control, shipping and logistics, and legal representation, price negotiation, and contract enforcement.

EYO-Green is a trademarked operating unit of the EYO-Alliance, a cooperative buying group exclusively for approved non-competing Alliance Members with our unique representation and assistance to easily accomplish overseas sourcing and manufacturing easily, quickly, and reliably.

Supporting Your Green Energy Business

EYO-Green’s core focus is on renewable energy and low energy consuming products including:

Our clients enjoy:

  • EYO-Green's extensive market research
  • Technical product analysis
  • Strategy consulting provided by independent energy experts
  • Complete control of your contract and all of your purchases

EYO-GREEN is not an intermediary, middle-man, or broker. We are a well-established agency with a proven track record of assisting buyers to make successful transactions and form international partnerships which result in improved efficiency, lower cost, and faster service. Plus, thanks to our years in the industry we have the benefit of experience on our side to make sure your company's contracts go smoothly and are fulfilled on time and on budget.

Find out how EYO-Green can help your green energy business:

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