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EYO-Green has extensive experience in solar engineering and will help your company define your needed materials and products following required national specifications at your company's request. Due to varying requirements and restrictions based on your proposed application and location, selecting the right product in compliance with local laws and environmental conditions requires understanding of products and systems available, as well as providing documentation of any proposed products.

EYO-Green can provide all needed information and even make recommendations to ensure that your company gets the best product for the particular application, and then with our representation will will secure the best possible price to maximize your investment.

By helping your company to tailor its solar energy products and systems to your specific sales region(s) your company can remained streamlined in its offerings and services, but you will always have the security in knowing that you will be able to adapt to new needs or requirements quickly thanks to EYO-Green's huge list of available products and manufacturers if needed in the future.

Business Expansion Case Study

Bringing new products or systems onto the green energy market is not easy. It takes a synergy of knowledge of the industry and latest energy-efficient technology, a reliable supply line of high-quality products, and oftentimes the cooperation and approval of local or national regulatory bodies to make any idea and its related efforts financially feasible.

EYO-Green recently had a client approach us because they were facing a governmental regulatory change that would have major negative impact on their business. This could have spelled disaster for our client, but since we have relationships with a vast number of green-energy product companies, suppliers, and manufacturers we were able to provide connections and mediate a business deal with another one of our clients to procure the rights to offer the same green energy generating system in a new market and country.

The deal was made, and undisclosed benefits were agreed upon, ultimately helping the client in facing trouble to remain competitive in their country, and at the same time creating significant revenue for our other client while ensuring no threat of competition in their existing market.

Because the supply-chain was already in place for the green-energy system, and vendors, suppliers, and logistical agents were already familiar with the products and methodology required to make the project feasible, EYO-Green was able to manage the business dealings quickly and effectively. Our client successfully launched their new system in their market in just two months from initial contact, a task that often takes a year or more, keeping them in business and profitable.

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Supply Chain Management Case Study

In some instances, even small seemingly unimportant issues can grow or escalate to the point where they become a major source of wasted time, money, and manpower.

EYO-Green was able to assist one of our clients who distributes Solar Power Electrical Converters by resolving a problem that they did not even realize they had. Frequently, their orders were being shipped incomplete.

When our specialist looked into the situation they realized that not only were our client's orders not being shipped in their entirety, but the vendor was also very lax in their loading of products into shipping containers which allowed significant shifting during transit and subsequently lots of breakage. Since the containers were not full, lots of space in the container was wasted and products were being shipped in more containers than necessary. Further, the packaging being used was not well suited to product. All of this added to the cost of business to our client.

An EYO-Green specialists looked into the situation and realized there was a lot of room for improvement both regarding shipping methods and package design. EYO-Green made a thorough inspection and evaluation and them presented our client with a seven page report outlining possible package shape, branding redesign and palletizing solutions. Once approved, our specialist then worked with the vendor to put them into action.

As a result, our client's shipping efficiency doubled from 150 to 300 units per container and their total shipping cost was reduced by approximately 40%. An additional benefit came from a reduced need for spare and replacement parts, also cutting costs, since the new shipping methods reduced damage and breakage. A final bonus comes from the benefit to the environment, since less materials and energy were used for the shipping.

Another money-saving service that EYO-Green was able to provide was by way of supply-chain management. By storing all unneeded products locally where they are manufactured and assembled, our specialist saved our client significant cost in domestic storage plus we had a supply of needed products on hand for quick shipment when they were needed, often reducing lead-time and making products much more readily available.

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