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Green energy based business can benefit from EYO-Green's experience and assistance to make your company more efficient, profitable, and successful.

By providing your company with assistance and expertize in sourcing and manufacturing of your needed products, along with our many other services outlined below, we are able to make your overseas procurement efforts more effect and keep your company more competitive at home.

Business Expansion

Whether you are trying to expand your existing offerings and products or move into a new branch of the green-energy industry, EYO-Green has the connections and relationships in place to help you get set up quickly and start doing business sooner.

Instead of spending an extensive amount of time creating new product supply-lines and waiting for your needed materials to arrive, all of which is very costly and the longer you have to wait the more financial exposure your company faces, EYO-Green can have you up and running in a matter of weeks.

EYO-Green has working relationships with vendors, suppliers, logistical agents, and manufactures around the world which means that using our services puts you in direct connection with an extensive network of companies that are already offering many, if not all, of the pieces necessary to make your planned expansion a success.

Plus, since much of the research and development is already done, and many systems are fully modular and easily adapted to a wide variety of applications, you will be up and running quickly rather than spending your own time and money re-inventing a solution that likely already exists.

Further, because we only work with vendors who have a proven track-record of reliability you are insulted against the common pitfall of partnering with a provider that cannot deliver on the promises they make.

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When you choose to use EYO-Green you are able to take advantage of our extensive experience in sourcing overseas to provide direction and assistance every step of the way. In addition to access to our numerous vendor relationships mentioned above, EYO-Green will arrange every part of the process from initial bidding for products, inspecting factories prior to contract signing, providing one of our specialists to escort your representatives while in the country along with all necessary arrangements during their stay, contract negotiation assistance, and finally legal direction to ensure you have a legally-binding contract for every aspect of your project so that your company's interests are protected. To learn how EYO-Green has helped some of our other clients with their Sourcing needs, read our LED Case Study.

Procurement and Negotiations

When you are ready to make a purchase, EYO-Green is able to quickly locate the best suppliers from our list of thousands of potential vendors and manufacturers via Quick Proposal Database. We have suppliers who can fulfill your needs for products and systems for more than 50 families of products, and thanks to our proprietary information we can get you pricing estimates quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and money.

After you have located the products your company needs and the factory, manufacturer, supplier, or vendor you want to use, EYO-Green can act on your behalf to negotiate the best possible price and terms to make your project a success. We have extensive experience in negotiating complex purchases. To learn more about how we helped one of our clients with their negotiations read our LED Case Study.

Factory Touring

After you have narrowed your options for your preferred provider list down to a few choices, EYO-Green can then provide factory touring, translation, consulting, and concierge services to make sure your representatives get as much accomplished as possible when visiting prior to contract signing.

EYO-Green can arrange all necessary schedules and reservations for your business trip from transportation and accommodations, to factory tours, business meetings and negotiations, translators and interpreters, and even food and dining recommendations to make sure that you are able to focus on the task at hand without being sidetracked with dealings in a location you are not familiar with.

To see how our arrangements can make your next project more successful and stress-free, read how we helped one of our clients in our LED Case Study.

Contracts and Legal Services

When you feel your company is ready to enter into a contract arrangement with your selected supplier(s), EYO-Green has legal experts available to make sure your contract is valid, legally-binding, thorough, and properly structured. EYO-Green can also provide ongoing contract enforcement services to ensure the factories chosen fulfill all of their obligations.

Since most countries which provide extensive product manufacturing require the contract to be executed in the local language, EYO-Green can review the contract to ensure no inconsistencies are present and that no ambiguity exists that could come be used as an excuse for lack of fulfillment of duties by any party involved.

International Product Certification

If your project involves design, development, and/or construction of a proprietary object, EYO-Green can assist your company in receiving International Product Certification for most countries. All certifications will be held in the name of your company since international law mandates that the certification be issued in the name of the owner of the design and not the manufacture, thus guaranteeing your company sole rights to your designs.

To learn how EYO-Green has helped some of our other clients with their legal needs, read our LED Case Study.

Quality Control

Once you enter a contract for manufacture or assembly of your green-energy products or systems, the next crucial element is to make sure that they are designed, built, and assemblies to your contract's specifications.

Seeing to this while half way around the world is virtually impossible, and what may start as a minor defect can have a huge ripple effect across the entire project is it is not corrected quickly.

EYO-Green has specialists experienced in quality-control inspections and will act on your company's behalf to make sure that all products are made to the standards outlined in your contract. Quality-control inspections can be done at any interval you choose, and if you so desire, our specialists will even inspect every item prior to shipment to ensure that all products meet the specified standard before being sent to their destination.

If you already have an existing contract in place, but are frustrated with irregularities or sub-standard quality in any aspect of your overseas sourcing EYO-Green can provide specialists to work with your provider to resolve the problems and ensure that future products are brought back up to your expectations.

For more information on how EYO-Green has helped some of our other clients with their production quality-control needs, read our Heat Pumps Case Studies.

Supply Chain Management

To make getting your needed green-energy products more efficient, faster, more reliable, and on-time EYO-Green offers supply chain management services ranging from pre-shipment checks to extremely hands on interaction with your supplier by our specialists to guarantee that you get what you need when you need it.

EYO-Green can manage any or all aspects of your company's overseas sourcing from research and development, through product manufacturing and assembly, product packaging, loading, shipping, logistics and tracking.

If needed, EYO-Green can even can arrange warehousing and storage of your products overseas, which is typically much more affordable than storage domestically and puts all of your products in one convenient location when you do need them.

To learn more about how EYO-Green's supply-chain management solutions have helped some of our other clients, see our Solar Case Studies.

Packaging, Shipping and Logistics

An area often overlooked that can be a huge waste of valuable money and natural resources is with regard to inefficient use of shipping space and poor logistical planning. Partially empty cargo containers, and even simply incorrectly packed or loaded ones, can waste a huge amount of space on a ship and poorly loaded containers, cartons, pallets, and crates are prone to damage and breakage and often incur additional cost at their destination for unloading because they are time consuming and labor intensive.

EYO-Green can reduce these sources of waste and needless cost by evaluating your existing packaging solutions to make suggestions for improvements in cost, efficiency, and durability. Our specialists can also perform pre-shipment inspections to make sure that every shipment that leaves is correct, properly packaged and packed, and safe for travel.

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