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From the patent of the the light bulb by Thomas Edison in 1879, the electric lamp as improved the lives of nearly every person on the planet and it can rightly be said that has changed the scenery and way we view the world.

Today, the search is now on to create extremely efficient, cool, long-lasting, and clean light and LED's are leading the way.

To assist your company with its LED lighting needs, EYO-Green is able to connect your company with a huge list of manufacturers and suppliers, and help you with product development and adaptation to meet specific needs. We can recommend, help you find new, or liaise dealings with LED suppliers offering complete assemblies, housings, drivers, diodes, heat sinks, and other associated parts and can help you create branded packaging if needed and ensure secure shipping and logistics.

EYO-Green can also provide specialists to conduct quality-control inspections during all phases of production if you require.

Procurement Case Study

Locating qualified, reliable, and trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers abroad can be a very difficult and nerve-racking experience under the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, most businesses today do not operate in “best case scenario” situations. Instead they have to make major decisions with limited information and then work to make these plans and decisions a success.

EYO-Green helps your company by minimizing the unknowns and variables.

As an example, EYO-Green was able to help one of our clients, a national distributor of LED lighting products, to complete a very complex overseas manufacturing and sourcing project valued at $600,000.00 (US) by choosing three vendors to provided all the needed products and materials to a single location. This reduced secondary out-sourcing by manufacturers and allowed our client complete control of their delivery schedule.

During selection of the initial vendors, EYO-Green utilized our Quick Proposal Database to submit RFP's and receive over 400 proposals from manufacturing facilities throughout China. Then using our proprietary algorithm of requirements along with our extensive experience in the industry EYO-Green was able to reduce the list to just 30 candidates for further auditing. After an initial audit of those 30 companies we helped our member to chose eight manufacturers for final consideration.

These eight manufacturers all received a comprehensive audit including inspecting their factory, investigating each company's past contracts, history of real delivery times, documentation, and product quality.

After the initial prices were offered, all companies were then invited to a counter-bidding session hosted by EYO-Green and our client, where they could present themselves and their products and then finally all were give the chance to make a counter-bids against one another. In the end, four companies were selected to fulfill the contract and EYO assisted with final negotiations, delivery dates, and contract details to make sure our client was well taken care of.

While this method was more involved than letting a single vendor handle the entire contract, it allowed to EYO-Green to eliminate secondary out-sourcing on the part of our primary vendors which eliminates variables in product quality and does not provide an opportunity for price mark-ups by the vendor, keeping prices low.

Learn more about EYO-Green's souring, procurement, negotiating and contract Solutions on our Services Page.

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