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Heating and cooling places one of the highest demands on our available resources of any human activity, and much of the energy used and pollution created can be avoided.

Heat pumps utilize solar and entropic heating and cooling to provide us with comfortable surroundings and warm water at virtually no cost or damage to the planet.

EYO-Green has already helped national suppliers bring affordable heat pump systems, parts, and components onto the market thanks to our knowledge of the industry and relationships and experience dealing with overseas manufacturers and suppliers.

Furthermore, EYO-Green can help your company find solutions to meet your green energy component needs that meet and exceed local and national regulations for quality and energy efficiency while also ensuring great prices.

Additionally, for applications that will still require refrigerant gases, EYO-Green can provide products which take advantage of many of the new breakthroughs in refrigerant technology such as R134A, R407A and R744A which are energy-efficient cooling and less-damaging to the environment.

Quality Control Case Study

One EYO-Alliance client came to us because they were experiencing some significant quality deficiencies in the products that their vendor was providing. Quality control was very unreliable, however our client wanted to try to save their business relationship and asked for our advice and assistance, since it can often be more effective to correct a problem in your existing supply line rather than attempt to recreate it with a new contract.

Our specialist consulted with the client to discern the problems and then visited the manufacturer to see what could be done to eliminate the problem. As is often the case in countries where significant amounts of manufacturing are done, there were considerable irregularities in methodology and routine inspections were lacking.

To correct the problem, our specialist worked with the vendor to train their inspection staff more thoroughly and then implemented a three month in-house quality control training program to train qualified members of their factory staff as quality control agents who could then conduct quality control inspections on a daily basis. Our EYO-Green specialist specified the quality control standards for each segment of the assembly line, created the training program, and oversaw the implementation of the new quality control team. As a result, future products were of high quality, benefiting both our client and their vendor and saving their business relationship.

Learn more about EYO-Green's quality control solutions on our Services Page.

Logistics Case Study

One of EYO-Green's clients providing thermal heating systems was having three separate manufacturers work together to complete their product orders, with a specialist coordinating and inspecting the quality of every product before it ships.

By having all products arrive at a central location before being loaded into containers, EYO-Green was able to stop any items from being sent to our clients that were packaged incorrectly, damaged during ground transport, or of inferior quality. EYO-Green saw to it that all repairs, repackaging or replacements were done before products were shipped, and at cost to the manufacturer.

EYO-Green provided a specialist to coordinate the multiple shipments that were planned and ensure that all containers were fully loaded and efficiently packed to minimize breakage so that the space purchased was entirely utilized by our client.

Had our client not had an agent at the loading dock they would have received a large number of damaged or broken goods that were shipped in only partially filled containers and incorrectly loaded and packaged, with many parts missing. Our client’s savings in both time and money was huge, since broken products are worthless and must be unloaded and disposed of at cost to the buyer and shipping mostly empty containers is a needless and wasteful expense.

By having all products from each vendor arrive at a central location to be shipped in shared containers, space was maximized and damage minimized which saved money and headaches on the part of our client, and ensured our specialist always had control of what was being shipped when and in what condition.

Learn more about EYO-Green's logistics solutions on our Services Page.

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